Student Portfolios

26/03/2015 13:27
Dear Psychology and Nutr.&Diet. class students  You can get your Ing.103 English Portfolios from your depatment's secretarial office


15/10/2014 12:33
Dear ENGL 122 class members, attached in 'materials', please find your homework entitled ' ENGL.122 HOMEWORK' You can do it online and e-mail it back to me or you can print it out and hand  it to me latest 21, October!! good luck :)


13/10/2014 11:37
Dear ING.103 (PSYCHOLOGY department, (group 3) and NUTR.&DIET. department (group 18)) class members!!   attached in the materials, please find your homework entitled ''the verb to be'' do it online, print it out and return it to me latest 20, October  good luck :)


09/10/2014 16:08
Dear ENGL.121 English course class members! Attached in the 'materials', please find your homework entitiled 'part of speech'. you can do it online, and e-mail it to me ( or you can do the questions on a sheet of  A4 paper. Do not forget to provide your registration...

ENGL. 302 course postponement

21/05/2014 00:00
dear ENGL 302 course members, Today's class (21/05/2014) has been postponed !! we will cover the lesson next week...

ING. 202 Guidance and Psy. Coun. English course cancellation

22/04/2014 11:21
ATTENTION !! Dear Ing.202 Guidance and Psy. Coun. class members !! Today's lesson (22.04.2014) has been cancelled, you will be informed about the cover courses soon..

Visitors notice

05/04/2014 16:43
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Website launched

05/04/2014 16:42
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